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The Pirate Ship "Dryad"

This photograph of the pirate ship "Dryad" was taken by a travelling photographer in the Northern reaches of the ravine province- confirming reports that pirates have been operating in the area. Dryad- Formerly HMAS Swallow- was captured by pirates last Autumn while returning from a routine reconnaissance mission. Our sources in the intelligence service claim there's rumours that the recent piracy "epidemic" in the Northern provinces are sponsored by foreign nation states.

Military forces have been deployed to the North including anti-airship missile batteries on-route from Edwinton. It is believed to be only a matter of time before Dryad is either sunk or back in Union hands.

People keep telling me these things would never fly, which is obviously ridiculous. So if you're wondering how you do fly one of these- I did a write-up on my blog explaining exactly how it would work. I think these things are important. You can read it here:

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