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Faisal the Wizard

This is Faisal. He likes long walks in the countryside and being left alone. He's based on an old illustration of mine from some time ago:

This is the first time I've made a 3d character- it's got a few flaws but I'm pretty happy with it- and happy to move on cause it's taken me aaaaaages.

Tom mcgrath day220

Final Model posed

Tom mcgrath faisalturnaround

Turnaround: rendered in Blender Cycles

Tom mcgrath awnty 2015

The character design...

Tom mcgrath shot03

Sculpting in Zbrush...

Tom mcgrath shot02

Hand details...

Tom mcgrath shot08

Texture painting in 3D Coat...

Tom mcgrath texturedemo

Albedo textures...

Tom mcgrath shot04

Rigging and posing in Blender...